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The 'Cast - 100 US Open Cups

20 minutes that will change the way you look at US soccer history.

We've got a national soccer tournament in which professional teams have competing for a century. Get ready for the 101st US Open Cup.




US Club Soccer 1884-2012

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

We've been attempting to jam soccer into closed American-style leagues since the nineteenth century. Perhaps we should try something different here in the twenty-first. - by Ted Westervelt


Two Pyramids: Responsible Path to Equal Opportunity for United States Soccer Clubs

An American pro/rel plan.

We cannot just graft a small market European system onto our massive US pro-sports market. Two open American pyramids beat an English one. - by Ted Westervelt


MLS Cup XVII - Half Empty

Lip Service Commish and the Ratings Limbo.

MLS Commish Don Garber was asked about open leagues at MLS Cup. Haven't seen the footage yet. Like most soccer supporters in the US I wasn't watching. - by Ted Westervelt



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